My name is Dan Jenkins, and I’m the 2nd Trombone (officially the Sub-Principal but I know my place) in the BBC Symphony Orchestra. I’m also 1st Trombone of the City of London Sinfonia, taking those reins when the late great Roger Brenner stepped sideways to play 2nd in 2004. I’m also a composer/writer, and all in all, these are three positions in which I consider myself extremely fortunate to be.

I started at the BBC in 2005, and CLS the year before, but have been composing and writing virtually my whole life, which started in 1966.

This is mainly a site to access my unpublished music, so please don any Browsing Hat you may have, and have a look around; there’s a trove of unseen stuff here.  It’s also mostly unheard, but we can fix that by visiting the Virtual Venue, the funnest page on the site.  All pieces are described in The Shop, and are available either as pdfs or more attractively-packaged publications.

As of October 2020, please note that a few works  – see the Composing page lists – are marked Not Available Yet, or NAY. The music is all there, written and completed, it’s just a question of organising it and presenting it as a thoroughly professional end product. But please do leave me a message if you’re interested in them, and I’ll make them available ASAP. Thanks.

Above is a picture taken on a boat on Lake Geneva, at Montreux. Behind me is the casino, which burnt down in 1971, and consequently inspired the famous Deep Purple song ‘Smoke on the Water’. That’s why we took this photo.

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In northern Holland there’s a bar that’s spooky as hell. You descend a flight of steps, beckoned from the street by the unearthly orange glow...

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The Dripping Field.

   The rain pattered onto our rucksacks as we tramped around the fields that day. We walked through wet woods and along splashy paths. It wasn’t...

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Playing Second Fiddle

(BTS article 2023.) Dan Jenkins takes a light-hearted look at the role of Second Trombone.      In June 2021, the excellent Radio 3 programme The...

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School of Rock

Alexa misheard me. I was after ‘Scipio’, a gentle rock/classical track from Sky, but instead I got something a lot heavier, ‘Scorpio’, by someone I...

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