The Death of Beauty


The Death of Beauty


The lyrics are below, depicting a serene world, an ancient untouched world of nature and music. But along came Man…

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The Death of Beauty.          


Under a glorious sun.


Bloomed a world untouched

Free of Man.

A sapphire in space

A ball of fire, red rivers grinding.

A world of broad, clean, blue seas                                                                

Of flowers and fertile, tall, emerald forests.

Of soft deserts, deeds are none

A birth of Beauty

Under a golden sun.


And there came Music.

Breaking hearts and healing in one

Soft sound and sapphire song.

And fiery blooms where joys are won.   

A new life of Beauty

Under a peaceful sun.


But vile Man, bearing Arms

And money, Greed and Envy.

The Power and the Glory, for which lies are spun.

A boot grinding on a human face.

Under a roaring sun.


And the Death of Beauty.


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